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Arabian Girl Eats Cum

A nude Arab girl sucking two dicks and eating cum?  Yikes!  That’s something you have to see to believe.  But sure enough, I was there, in the room, with Masarrah and her two “boyfriends.”  I think they were more like her “boy toys,” if you ask me.  She didn’t seem interested in anything except the cocks between their legs.  When I called her for this photo shoot, it started out as a standard “Playboy” type  shoot, but then she asked if she could do something a little crazy.  I said “Sure,” and she showed up with these two white guys who said they worked for a security firm in the Riyadh area.  They were obviously American, but didn’t say much. Anyhow, she then proceeded to suck them off.  I could barely warm up my camera before this Arab girl sucking two cocks went crazy on cum.  I’m not usually a photographer who’s big into this sort of material, but I had to post it anyhow.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s a bit too sloppy for me.